If you already have rental cable boxes, we'll get your existing
cable bill reduced by up to 30% usually in less than 48 hours.
Absolutely FREE of charge to you.

Here are some examples, if you pay:
$125 per month down to as low as $105 per month
$175 per month down to as low as  $140
$225 per month down to as low as $180 and so on...

We get your TV package reduced not your existing service.
This is a FREE service!  No Cost to you!

For more information on how to get additional cable converters
at no additional charge or to lower your cable bill, let one of our
Anti-Cable TV Consumer Advocate Specialist help you today!

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Reduce Your Cable Bill Info.
You don't need to purchase digital cable boxes!

Your cable TV service provider has set aside
up to 3 Digital HD or HD-DVR's converter
boxes for TV subscribers at no additional cost
Cable Box Accessories:
Motorola Mulistream CableCard
Full Function 3-in-1 Remote Control
6 Foot Polarized Power Cable
6 Foot HDMI Cable
Cable Box 101:
Complete Buyers Guide
The Cable Box 101: Buyers Guide eBook will help you
simplify the digital cable box purchase
can help you get them activated properly.

Here are several of the most asked questions prior
to ordering a retail SD/HD or DVR cable converter.

All these questions come with simple answers and
much more are included with your
CABLE BOX 101: Complete Buyers Guide eBook!
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Below are a few of the digital cable converter models available for retail purchase.   
If you're not sure which models are compatible with your service provider please
Contact us here.
Prices range between $35 to $195 subject to availability.
High Definition/ Digital Video
Recorders (DVRs) Cable Boxes
For lowest pricing available please call us directly at 1-877-215-7579
Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC
Motorola DCT6416
Motorola DCX3400
Pace TDC779x HD/DVR
Motorola DCH6416
Motorola DCH3416
High Definition Cable Boxes:
For lowest pricing available please call us directly at 1-877-215-7579
Scientific Atlanta 4250HDC
Pace DC700x
Motorola DCX3200
Motorola DCH3200
Pace RNG110
Standard Definition Cable Boxes:
For lowest pricing available please call us directly at 1-877-215-7579
Motorola DCH70
Pace DC100x
  • Will my retail cable converter work with my TV service
  • Are retail digital converters truly plug & play or plug & pray?
  • Where can I purchase retail digital SD, HD or DVR
  • Does your eBook provide hook up & activation information?
  • What digital converters require a cable card?
  • Are consumer retail digital converters new, refurbished, field
    pulls etc..
  • If I have a quick question about purchasing the correct
    equipment or activating it can you help?
Our Cable Box 101: Complete Buyers Guide eBook is
purposes only and is sold on an AS-IS basis.  How you
use this information is at your sole discretion.
Prior to purchasing your electronically delivered
eBook if you have any questions please contact us
at 1-877-215-7579 or email us below!
Cable Box 101: Complete Buyers Guide eBook
***ATTENTION***:  All Cable Boxes and Modems on this site requires authorization from your cable provider
before activating.  
This includes renting a CableCard from your cable provider to activate your digital cable box or
it will not work.
 Savings from owning your own digital cable equipment vary from cable company to cable
company but you should expect to see a savings of anywhere from $0 up to $20 a month depending on how much
your cable provider charges you to rent there equipment.  Please check with your cable provider before ordering.