As long as you have a TV & Electricity we have our custom built HD-PVR's (Personal Video Recorder) for the Denver Metro area
that lets you record your favorite shows with the Electronic Programming Guide and customized external hard drive so you'll
finally be able to pause, fast forward & rewind live TV.  

If you already have an Antenna and are in love with the true High Definition that only Over the Air "OTA" programming can give
you but still can't record, pause, fast forward or rewind your programming then we have exactly what you need to turn your
existing antenna into your own High Definition Personal Video Recorder (HD-PVR)!  Our HD-PVR is also portable.

Again, all you need is Electricity and a TV, whether your using a 30 year old analog or new smart HD-TV.  No Internet or
streaming needed or required either, this is true live TV including all the major networks programming (such as CBS, NBC, ABC,
FOX and much more) just like what you're paying a monthly Cable or Satellite service provider for.

We can custom build your HD-PVR for less than $200 with the standard 160GB hard drive or for you serious TV viewers up to 2
Terabytes (TB). All our HD-PVR's come with Power adapter, HDMI cable, composite cable (for non HD TV's), full function Remote
Control, FREE delivery & Hookup/Activation assistance.

Typically the average cable or satellite subscriber pays $1500 per year without Internet or phone service now and it's estimated
to be $2400 per year by the year 2020 for the basic subscribed cable or satellite programming with required rental equipment.

If your ready to cut the cable/satellite cord today or upgrade your boring TV for a one time fee of less than $200 you'll save up
to $1300 in basic cable/satellite subscribed programming in your first year alone.

If your a movie lover ask about FREE On-Demand programming. Over 50,000 movies available 24/7 absolutely free for the first year.

We need a name for our custom built HD-PVR. For now we have named it the 'BLACK BOX"

Several local ex cable subscribing customers who have our HD-PVR's suggested calling it the "EX-FINITY" as they recently cut
their cable cord with our local cable company and now get absolutely free TV. What do you think? Any Suggestions?

If you submit a brand name and we use it we will award you $500.
We all want it and now we can all have it... You can even have your own Personal Video Recorder too.

No more Cable or Satellite monthly subscription or equipment rental fees.
If you're still hooked on Cable we have options to help reduce your cable bill.  Including purchasing your own cable boxes and modem
so you can return theres, this simple solution can save you hundreds if not thousands a year on your cable bill.
1.) Over the Air "OTA" receiver
2.) Full function Remote Control
3.) 160GB Standard Personal Video Recorder
4.) Space saving UHF/VHF Antenna
5.) HDMI Cable
6.) Composite Cable (for Non-HD TV's)
7.) FREE Delivery
8.) FREE Installation and Setup

All this for only...


That's right for FREE television and FREE
recording capabilities (no monthly rental
fees) this can all be yours for
under $200!
"Your home for Privately Owned
Digital Cable Equipment"