With every unit we sell we include a brand new remote and power cord.  The only thing you have to supply is the connecting cable to your
television.  We have 6 foot HDMI cables for $10 but most people have extra cables laying around there house but you can request one if needed.  
Below is an example of the included remote control, please note that the remote pictured might not be the one you receive but it will have all the
same functions.
"Your home for Privately Owned
Digital Cable Equipment"

Below is a very short list of things you will need in order for our boxes to work for you.  If you disagree with anything in the following list
please contact us to let us know why and we will update our list.

1.) You MUST have legitimate cable service.  By legitimate cable service we mean someone in your household has to have a cable account in
their name.  Our boxes won't work for you for the following reasons:
  • If you live in an apartment building where they include cable in the rent, our boxes won't work for you (unless you are the owner/landlord).  
  • If you're a "pole climber" and have an illegal connection, our boxes won't work for you.
  • If you're sharing a cable connection with a neighbor, our boxes won't work for you.

2.) You must have a television.

3.) You must have electricity.

4.) Almost as important as #1.  You aren't looking for a "black box" or "descrambler".  Our cable boxes are made to work exactly like your
rental box and will NOT give you any free programming.  With our boxes you can avoid the $10-$24 a month rental fee per box that you have
to pay to your cable provider to watch the programming you're already paying for.